The Language of Lust Review

The Language of Lust review is of a program that aims to enhance the ability of men to initiate and maintain fulfilling sexual relationships. The program provides an in depth insight into the psychology of women with regards to what they really want out of a relationship. The idea to develop this program was borne of the fact that many good guys out there face rejection and multiple emotional abuse due to their apparent inability to understand what awakens their women.

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Having been a victim of such abuse, the author of this program could not have had a better reason to want to explore the sexual life of women, with a view to preventing fellow men from becoming victims of dysfunctional sexual relationships.

Who is the creator?

The creator of this program, one Lawrence Lanoff, is a man who has seen it all when it comes to matters relationships. Also known as ‘The Darth Vader of Dirty Talk’, Mr. Lanoff has been studying Tantra since he was 12. He has also worked with Playboy as a photographer, film director and writer for many years. Besides, he’s a PhD in cognitive studies. He has been a sex life coach for nearly ten years, and his goal is to improve the sexual freedom and satisfaction of both men and women, even though much of his literature is geared towards men. His academic qualifications aside, Lawrence drew his motivation to create this program from the fact that he experienced the essence of rejection during his earlier years of dating.

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How the program works

The Language of Lust is a three-layered training course that major borders on self-improvement, attracting women and developing your sexuality. There are up to 33 techniques covered within the course that are resourceful in solving different romantic and sexual questions.

The course employs techniques from neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP and meditation with an aim of changing mindsets with regards to how people view sexuality. This course therefore calls for exercise and endurance in order to fully grasp the truths about sexuality as opposed to what the society has driven down our throats.

Fostering relations with women is key to the success of this course and it aims to achieve this by offering tips, not only on how to attract them but also how to remain attractive throughout the relationship. In a nutshell, it equips every man with communication skills and seduction tricks that will bring out the sexual beast in any woman they approach for a relationship.

Lastly, there is a self-improvement segment in the course that enables men to discover themselves and be aware of their surrounding even as they pursue their women of choice. Mr. Lanoff remarks that there is more to mastering an excellent language of seduction, as one has to be constantly aware of what one’s objectives are. He goes on to say that many instances of rejection spring from the fact that men are unable to react appropriately to the response they get from women because they do not clearly define their objectives when approaching a woman.

How to get it

The Language of lust comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. The product has an official website which means the program is available as an eBook. In addition, it is available in other platforms such as videos as well as downloadable PDF. The product also comes with three bonus offers namely; Personal Porn Star Activation, Unlocking the Threesome Code and The Nice Guy’s Guide to Texting Dirty.

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  • The course is quite legit for the very reason that it leverages quite a bit of science such as neurosurgeon.
  • Professionally created videos with user-friendly tone.
  • The effectiveness of this course is almost guaranteed due to its uniqueness, as it explores areas that have not been ventured into before.
  • The course is easier to use as it does not require creative work.
  • A 60-days money-back guarantee makes it a must-have.


  • Only available as a digital download
  • The course appears to sensationalize some relationship matters.


Every man deserves to get the most out of a relationship. There are many courses that have been tried but not much improvement has been registered as far as relationships and sex life goes. With The Language of Lust, we can all forget the frustrations that characterize our daily seduction games, and explore our sex life with more vigour.

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